I believe that the online business world has become over romanticized, everybody is trying to build a blog, a huge following and then sell info products about something, everybody is trying to become a “life coach” (even if they are 18 years old) and I get it, business is scary, it feels safer to be blogging so sometimes in the future you can sell any product you want.


However, leaves an empty space that not too many are willing to go in, which is a practical business. It’s not the most elegant or flashy model, but it works, and if you’re willing to do what it takes, it’s way faster than blogging for 3 years in hopes to get your product launch. In the last 4 years I’ve known a lot of people who are not famous, who barely spend time on social media, who don’t have a huge email list of followers and some of them didn’t even had a website for months, but have made thousands of dollars (some even millions) out of pure hustle and willingness to do the work others are too scared of doing.


Hell, I did founded Epic Web Studio and the website barely had anything to do with us getting sales and we ended working for clients all over 18+ countries. And since November 2014, we’ve started another project, in which we won a $30K project and a $55K project on animation and interviewed many of the most iconic figures on the animation business all over the world and for a whole year we didn’t even had a website or even a name! (Now it’s called Frame Freak Studio).


Doing these kind of businesses is easier than many people may think, however, on the emotional side, they are way harder to do and definitely way more scarier for many people. So if you call yourself a true hustler, if you’re someone who will go for the direct actions and results and don’t want to lose time on doing things that will not get you immediate sales just because “it feels better” then you’ve come to the right place.



Rodrigo is an entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Frame Freak Studio, Hustler and World Traveler.


Having worked with big, medium and small companies in 20+ countries in the entire world, spoken in many conferences such as Startup Weekend and Campus Party, And interviewed many successful entrepreneurs and even big CEO’s such as Fred Seibert from Frederator and Art Directors from Pixar and Disney and many more, he’s decided to help other people who want to take direct action into building a real practical business that makes good money.


You’ll find that his approach to business is effective. He developed it over the past few years, and it has helped him build a few businesses (even without a website or name) that created results fast.


More specifically, he uses a no B.S. scientific approach to business which is highly driven towards the most important actions to take that will get you the best results as fast as possible by using social dynamics, psychology and persuasion techniques to connect with the most important people for you, get the best clients as soon as possible, and use systems to make it easier for you.