Creating a Boss Life & an Ecosystem of Success w/ Alex Walton

Creating a Boss Life & an Ecosystem of Success w/ Alex Walton

In this episode of Freedom Hustlers Show I’m really happy to welcome one of the SSM Members a great friend and inspiration, who has been traveling the world while also creating an amazing life and an great ecosystem of success, he teaches now other people how to work on creating an amazing lifestyle, a boss lifestyle.

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Alex is truly killing it out there, he is originally from USA but this interview was made in Krakow, he’s been traveling through the world, with the other SSM members (we have a cameo of Bobbe and Matt in this interview) and now he has his own mastermind, teaching others how to improve their life.

Alex is the founder of:

He has helped and inspired me and many other people towards a life they love, He’s now ready to travel to Thailand for his first immersive retreat with many entrepreneurs, to enjoy life, take care of their health, improve the mental state and of course, improve their businesses. 

Here’s a video he made in Italy about achieving the dreams you have in life:

Interview with Alex Walton

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Freedom Hustlers Show - Take Right Action

  • Alex’s story and how he got started in the entrepreneurial path
  • How he created the income to travel first and then the passion business
  • How he started the Boss Life Blog
  • How to start a solid foundation to make amazing things happen
  • How to have an environment which is not optimal can slow you down.
  • Some amazing and funny stories of our experiences

Actionable Steps

  • You’re dying already, so do what you need to do
  • Know exactly WHY you want to achieve this
  • Get surrounded with an amazing group of people who motivates you

“If You don’t like your life and don’t want to take action, kill yourself!”

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