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It’s here! The Secret Society Mastermind 2016 will open on November 2, and every time that happens there’s a lot of people who reach to me asking me about this program, which doesn’t bother me at all, but also I find these posts a more effective way to answer many of those questions, also I like to do these posts because they end up becoming a summary of the things we’ve achieved through the year. 

Let’s start with the previous posts I’ve made about the Secret Society Mastermind, that way you’ll get a better sense of the evolution of the program and the evolution of my path through the years:

I joined the Secret Society Mastermind back in April 2012 and quit my job on August 15th on 2013, it’s been more than 3 years now that I’m living a freedom lifestyle, however the path has not been easy, as you know my country is not the best for doing these kind of businesses, however the path has been worth it and we’ve achieved a LOT in this year, 2016 has been a damn awesome year! And many of those opportunities came from the guys in the Secret Society Mastermind.


FAQ About the Secret Society Mastermind

I’ve been known in the Secret Society Mastermind and for the people following the blog because of my story, and there’s always people adding me on Facebook just to ask me questions about the Secret Society Mastermind. So, 4 years after joining I got some knowledge in what’s the most common doubts that people have about this.

1.- Is the Secret Society Mastermind really worth it?

SSM has gotten pretty expensive for most people, so it’s obviously that this question comes into mind, is it truly worth it paying all that money to join a program? And the answer would be: “it depends”, because, as crazy as it sounds, there’s a LOT, and I mean a DAMN LOT of people who join, people who pay all that money to do absolutely nothing with it, hell, there’s people who pay all that money so they can download the course and put it on pirate sites, and they ALWAYS get caught, it truly blows my mind, every damn year there’s a good number of people who join to do nothing at all with this… So if you’re one of those guys, if you’re one of those guys who get completely terrified at the idea of contacting business owners and people to pitch them your product or service to get a sale, then don’t join, because that’s exactly what you have to do.

That is the core of SSM, you get an idea, then you VALIDATE that idea by getting sales! And if you don’t get sales then your idea doesn’t work, and you have to change it. In Tim’s words “If stuffed penguins are selling, then YOU are selling stuffed penguins!”, this isn’t a “follow your dreams” or “the universe will give you what you want” kind of program, this thing is HUSTLE! this is real businesses, this is finding out what people want or need and selling that! You don’t know how to do it? that’s why you HIRE people who know how to do it to do it for you, automate and get free time! You think I know how to animate? Hell, I can’t even use Premiere to create better video editions! I barely can use Camtasia and yet I’m the Co-Founder of an Animation Business.

I paid $2K when I joined SSM in 2012, last year the price was around $6K which alarmed many people, but over the last 3 years we’ve made more than $115,000 and right now we have a client paying $6K a month for animations, There’s many guys making around $6K to $30K+ per month. So if you’re trying to compare the price of SSM to what you can achieve, that depends entirely of you. Are you one of those “zen guys” who want to do a blog and make people give you money by growing an audience little by little and thinking that the “universe” will give you what you want, or those guys who think that choosing a business idea that “you don’t love” is selling your soul, or that money is the reason of all evil, and things like that, then yeah, SSM is not for you.

Are you a practical guy, who will go forward with the idea of contacting business owners, who will pursue a business that can actually give you money in 2-3 months where you can hire people to do everything for you while you go on your life doing what you want, then you’ll like it here. Also the high price will put higher psychological pressure on you to actually get damn good results!

2.- Is it a Scam?

No is not, in fact, after you pay you will have a period of 6 weeks money back guarantee and I have seen people asking for it and receive it in the same day. The name is just good marketing as Ramit’s book “I will Teach you to be Rich” or Tim Ferriss’s “The 4 Hour Work Week”, sure, they sound like scam, but it’s only to grab the attention of the people, but if you have been into entrepreneurship for a while you know that Ramit Sethi delivers amazing knowledge and Tim Ferriss is one damn genius.

I get it, paying a lot of money on the internet to some guy you have never met to teach you how to do a “Freedom Business” that will allow you to make money on the internet sounds like a scam, and even though I knew Tim since the days of Real Social Dynamics and I knew that he was the real deal, I spent the last 3 days before the opening not being able to sleep because of the fear and excitement about joining. You probably are reading this from a first world country, imagine me, in a third world country, with a salary of $600 per month, about to pay half a year of work with debt money. Not the best scenario.

It was the scariest decision in my whole life, but it was the best decision I’ve ever met in my life, but also, I was a good fit for the program. I’ve been in many programs, in many entrepreneurship groups, there’s always some guy angry yelling that it’s a scam because he wasn’t able to win the first time, or even more ridiculous, because he didn’t made a million dollars in one week or 2, again, the name of this game is HUSTLE! is creating real businesses, which by today’s standards, is easier than ever before, but emotionally and mentally speaking is hard.

It’s emotionally hard to contact a business owner and give a damn good pitch to get a sale when you’ve never done it before, it takes mental energy when they say no because they saw the nervousness in you. To be honest, over the last years I’ve seen that most people are mentally and emotionally weak and lazy, they want to feel good NOW, some have a huge phobia about feeling negative emotions or thoughts, and this is a path which will be paved on negative emotions and thoughts, hell, everybody who has a successful business will tell you that the first 1 to 3 years will be a complete hellish nightmare, this is where you’ll commit most mistakes, this is where you’ll lose many times, and some people can’t handle that and they lash out about the program being a scam, I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE.

The truth is that some people will have some advantages over the others, some people have better connections, live in better location, have better social skills, etc. For me my unfair advantage was living through some hellish shit which allowed me not to care about many loses on my path, because I knew this was the price to pay, and I was willing to pay it, to go through with it, and it has paid off. So yeah, this is NOT a scam.

3.- Is this a Multi-Level Marketing Stuff (Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme)

Hell no, I hate those things, think of this as you paying some guys who know how to do something to teach you how to do it in the fastest and most efficient way to do it. Helping you avoid a lot of problems, mistakes and obstacles that many people would have made. And NO, I’m not being paid for creating this post. As said before, the idea of SSM is creating a business where you can sell products and services to people who want them, your business is your own, and you don’t have to keep paying anybody, whatever you win is yours.

4.- Have businesses failed in SSM?

Yes, there have been many ideas that failed but when that happened, people just build another idea that works and that’s it. I created 4 ideas before Epic Web Studio, and even ended up closing that one to focus on Frame Freak Studio, the reason why was that it’s because I saw much more potential in the animation studio. However the truth remains that that means that Epic Web Studio doesn’t exists now and can be considered a failure. And that has been true for many people as well.

The truth is that entrepreneurship is hard, and your success or failure depends a lot on what you do or don’t do. For example, many people have skipped the validation part in SSM, when everybody told them not to do so. Why? Because they were scared to talk to the ideal customers to find out what they needed, they just created a business without validating it just to find that nobody wanted to buy, or even worse, not knowing who their ideal client was.

Life Now

I think it would be too redundant to talk about how I joined and my journey through the years in SSM, you can read all about that in the first 2 posts which I linked at the beginning of this post. So I’ll review what has happened since I wrote them.

We’ve contacted and interviewed many more people for Frame Freak Studio, here are some examples:

  • Robert Kondo – Co-Founder of Tonko House, Oscar nominated for The Dam Keeper and Art Director in Toy Story 3, Ratattouile and more.
  • Tomm Moore – Co-Founder of Cartoon Saloon, 16 times Oscar nominated and Oscar Winner, creator of The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.
  • Brenda Chapman – Creator and Director of Brave, and worked in The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, the Prince of Egypt and more.
  • Mark Osborne – Director of The Little Prince, Kung Fu Panda and More.
  • Click here to watch all the interviews.

Smith Micro, the company that created Moho (Anime Studio) the software we use to create some animations contacted us and gave us 5 licenses of their newest software for free, we’re also going to be doing some webinars with them in the near future.

I wasn’t able to go to the Las Vegas event from SSM, I wasn’t able to get the US Visa fast enough, but we got it like 6 weeks later, and we got the 10 years travel / business visa, and we’ll be using it this November 14th to go to CTNX (Creative Talent Network Expo) on Burbank, where we’ll meet many of the people we have interviewed in person and we got the VIP pass where we’ll get many exclusive deals.

Thanks to Bobbe in SSM we were able to find a program called Atlas with that we were able to register our business in Delaware, making it possible for us, after many years, to finally being able to use many payment methods that were locked for our country. And now we are working for a great client in the US, however I can’t show you yet what we’ve been doing with them.

We’ve also learned a lot from the online press world and we’ve been featured in some local and international media pages, some big, some small, however this has been a great start for getting some attention to us.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign, however many things went wrong, so I don’t think we’ll reach our goal, if things don’t change in the next days we’re going to cancel it and relaunch on Indiegogo in the next months with the help of some guys who weren’t able to help us this time.

Right now I’m just finishing some things because after the CTNX event, I’m moving to Europe, everything is set already, so after many years, I’m finally reached this milestone, and I’m very positive that many things will start going much better when I’m there.

With this I hope you will have a much better idea of what to expect from SSM if you decide to join.

And remember, people from third world countries are doing this and having a damn good time with it, if you’re in a first or second world country, you don’t have ANY excuse. I will be answering any questions that you might have for SSM. You can contact me using this form.

Other Members in SSM

During the last year I started a podcast interviewing many amazing people, many of them are SSM members, if you want to know more about their experience I’ll leave the interviews below so you can watch them. Each one last between 30-45 min so take it slowly.

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The Problems You Face as an Entrepreneur Are Nothing! (There are bigger things to Fear) Tue, 21 Jun 2016 00:14:21 +0000 The first time a saw a dead body, was when ...

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The first time a saw a dead body, was when I was in second grade and the bus came to get me to school and we passed the upper half of a guy who was cut in 2 by some gangs (the lower half was a couple of blocks below my house and they found his penis in a bag), it got some news. I saw another one like that in our way back home from the beach some years later.

Once when when I had 13 years old we heard the scream of a girl, there was a drunk guy (really strong) trying to rape her, My neighbors and my family defended her with broom sticks and chains, he was really hard to take down and we were really scared, the guy had hit her in the head with a stone, we cleaned her wound in my house, there was a lot of blood.

I’ve seen guys break into the cemetery a couple of blocks from my house to dig graves and pull bones to sell to medical students to pay for their drugs. My friends and I had guns pointed at us a couple of times, once it was just because we yelled at a guy that he had his lights off, he stopped in the middle of the road, we saw the gun and ran from it.

And here’s a picture of a dead guy, right next to a birthday party of a child, just to show how common this shit is here.


And then people call me a “pessimist” because I won’t lie about the situation of my country, because I don’t deny it, because I choose to face the truth and facts and act upon them and place my strategies on those facts.

Being an entrepreneur is not trying to be “Mark Zuckerbergs”, neither about trying to make a business look “elegant”, The true bred entrepreneur is the one who goes and get shits done.

The Entrepreneurial Boom didn’t started because our generation decided that they “were too cool for a job and decided to follow their dream”, it started thanks to the crisis of the 2007 and it was do or face your luck in the streets, the first round of entrepreneurs understood very well that NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE OUR ASS! And then they took responsibility and action in their hands.

Sure, there’s a lot of cool stuff in the entrepreneurial path, but also a lot of struggle, a lot of hard truths not many people are willing to face nor accept. And many of those truths might depress you or rob your energy if you’re not strong enough.

Many ask me how the fuck I’m not afraid to contact big people in the industry, or try new shit, or how to have the strength to do the things I do while everybody else thinks “I’m an idiot” for doing it.

And this picture is the answer, because I am very well aware that there are BIGGER AND MORE SCARY SHIT than a “no” from a possible client, or a “no” from someone I want to interview.

Because no matter how good I am doing, I don’t forget that out there, there are things that deserve more fear than rejection. No matter how hard the problems I’m facing as an entrepreneur are, these kind of memories in my head will always be there to remind me that if I don’t do this shit, then THIS WILL BE MOST LIKELY MY FUTURE.

And guess what, I have some memories which are scarier than this picture, and that shit scares the hell out of me much more than any fucking problem in my entrepreneurial path.

Life has amazing things happening, and many of those great things are in your reach, and they’re easier to get than what you thin, hell, just imagine that me, living in this country, with these kind of condition, have been able to connect with great people through the world and I’m having an interview with Brenda Chapman (creator of Brave) in 2 days! Life has great things indeed, and they’re easier to get than you think.

BUT, life and reality also have REALLY TERRIFYING THINGS. Situations without any hope at all. Today I give you a glimpse of those things, if you want to be able to crush the problems you have as an entrepreneur without them taking a blow to your emotional estate, then my recommendation for you would be FIND BETTER THINGS TO FEAR, FIND HIGHER QUALITY FEARS.

Problems in entrepreneurship doesn’t scare me, hard truths in entrepreneurship doesn’t scare me, but my future without entrepreneurship in my life, the life that awaits for me if I stay as a cubicle worker…. that shit scares the hell out of me…

Keep Hustling my friends,

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A Fork in the Road Tue, 15 Mar 2016 06:11:09 +0000 Hi, it’s been a while since I wrote into this ...

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Hi, it’s been a while since I wrote into this blog, the reason why I left it it’s because I got to a fork in the road in life and I had to clear my mind and decide where I wanted to go into life. I’m 31 now, and the consciousness that I’m getting older and my time is being limited feels very real now, and while I felt like I was doing what I liked and wanted for the last years, it truly doesn’t feel that great now.

When I started this blog I wanted to show the readers and the world, how a guy from a third world country could make it big, even if everything was against him. I wanted to show you what you could do even if you didn’t had any resources to get started, and I wanted to serve the people who wanted to get into the entrepreneurial path to get into it.

However at the end, even if a couple of guys did showed up for the calling, there were many more who were just looking for the cheap solution to a problem. For 2 years I’ve been trying to play under overwhelming odds to show how you can do great things even if you don’t have many resources.

Under those 2 years I achieved the following:

■ Won the Marie Forleo’s B-School Scholarship in 2013.

■ Connected with amazing entrepreneurs world wide.

■ Grew Epic Web Studio from ground zero to working with more than 18 countries all over the world.

■ Traveled to Bulgaria and met with Timothy Marc and all the guys from the Secret Society Mastermind.

■ Aided marketing an animated cartoon called Tempus Trip and created a business plan that helped it win $30K.

■ Made $55K in another contest using only $20 in Facebook Ads

■ Started a second business doing cartoon animations called Frame Freak Studio

■ Interviewed many important figures in the animation world to grow a community about it.


And after all that, I got to a point where I feel that I’m doing you and myself a disservice by continuing to playing small, and using low resources techniques. I’ll be honest, I can’t say now that the “odds are against me”, I hustled my ass to get to this point and I’m now in a moment of my life where playing on “low resources” is just holding me back. And I think that I can serve you better by using all the advantages I have now.

I always said that I felt that in the standard of the United States, from zero to ten, being zero a broke guy with no experience, money or connections and a ten a 50 million guy, I felt like a minus 20. Well, now in that scale I think I’m a solid 3, and if I want to get to the 10, then I can’t be playing like a zero or a minus 20 anymore.

I’ve been really busy the last months doing a lot of bureaucratic stuff, we’re registering our business here, I’m already starting the Kickstarter campaign and I’m ready to kick some serious ass. I’m also really sure on what I want now, and I also know where my strengths are.

Before I said things like “if I could do it so can you”, I still think that holds some truth, but there’s a thing I never considered before. Because I had all these bad experiences in my life, I gained an unfair advantage over many people, which is mental toughness. I’ve seen so many people being crush by problems that for me are insignificant or even in the worst cases, being crushed by success, or the fear of success.

I’ve seen people being paralyzed by the thought of being rejected by their friends or families, or losing their support and having them thinking they are crazy, for me, that was my reality since I was a Kid, all the things that I see everyone being scared of when they’re starting were my reality since I was 12, I lived in that state until I had 25, for me it was easy to make the jump.

For me it was a thought of: “Well, my life already sucks, and it will suck even more if I don’t succeed so let’s make this shit happen” and sure, I had a lot of fears and insecurities as well, which held me back, but not anymore.

Also I learned by watching many masterminds, and by these 2 years, is that people don’t value what’s free. Simple as that, people don’t value what comes easy to them. Hell, I’ve even seen people paying from $2000 to $6000 for coaching programs and never taking action on any of those! Can you imagine how crazy that is? That people pay that much money to never do anything with it?

So, on logistics I can say “if I could do it so can you” and yeah, definitely I believe that if I’ve come so far with all the limitations that I had, anybody could do it, HOWEVER, thanks to those limitations that I had it’s because I’ve been able to push forward when things get hard.

Living the dream in a beach while you get $1K per day on automatic can be done, I have many friends who have that, HOWEVER getting there takes a LOT OF WORK. First comes the numbers game, contacting as many clients as possible and getting your first sales, hell, I have some friends who have cold called 500+ prospects in less than a week to get their first sales. Then, once you get the clients you get to know better your demographics, what makes them buy, what are their problems and such, and then you gotta work on your own systems and team to get to the sweet point of automation.

The automation that everybody dreams of only comes after you’re making at least $5K to $10K a month consistently and then start tweaking on how you do things, it only comes after experience, and that experience only comes after a lot of work, mistakes and hardships.

So, here are the new decisions I’m taking:

■ I’m closing Epic Web Studio, I’m focusing 100% on Frame Freak Studio.

■ The blog will have some big changes on design on the following days.

■ This blog will take a whole different direction, the old days where I gave you tactics that you can use with small amount of money are over.

■ I’m closing my one on one programs, since I definitely don’t have the time to do those now.

■ As I said, people don’t value what’s free so I will make some business out of this blog this year. So be ready for some paid content, if you don’t like that, well, then there’s the subscribe button, I’d hate to see you go, but if you’re some wantrepreneur who’s looking for the cheap tactics then this blog is not for you.

I chose the name of Take Right Action not because I was implying that I always take it, but as a challenge to myself, since most of my life I’ve lived taking the wrong actions, and choosing what’s right even in the face of rejection is hard. But I’m standing by this name. From this point, everything will change, it’s time to reach the next level.

And for the true hustlers reading my blog, great things are coming.

Keep Hustling!



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Take Right Action on Hiatus Sun, 06 Dec 2015 19:48:27 +0000 Hello, this will be a short post, if you have ...

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Hello, this will be a short post, if you have been reading and following me on my social networks then you know I’m focusing right now great deals of time into building Frame Freak Studio, and through that we’ve been able to join Channel Frederator Network.

So on one point, good news for pure entrepreneurs, I will be focusing this blog 100% on entrepreneurship again, so you won’t see any animation stuff and interviews here anymore. On the other side, if you’re into animation or if you’re interested in becoming a Creative Entrepreneur or Creative Professional, then I invite you to you the Creative Hustlers, which will be the place where I will be focusing all about creative matters from now on.

On the other side, joining Frederator Network has been one of the best decisions ever, and I’ve learned a lot in the last 2 weeks, and I will be in learning mode in this month. Many of these things can be applied to this blog, so this month there will be no updates until January, and in that time I will be focusing on improving many things into the site and YouTube channel that I’m learning right now. So have some nice parties, happy new year and I’ll see you on the next year 🙂



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The Ultimate Tech Guide of Building an Online Business Mon, 30 Nov 2015 09:49:26 +0000 Hi, I think this has been long over due, over ...

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Hi, I think this has been long over due, over the past weeks I’ve been doing a lot of technical guides to try to help you out with many phases of building your own business but this is where everything fits into place. This is the ultimate tech guide of building your first online business. Every video is made to last less than 15 minutes, with some exceptions, you will find here steps that can help you out really fast and end the day with your business already done.

I must warn you though, all the steps, all the technology will be useless without the proper knowledge of making a business work, so if you still don’t have the basics, or if you’re in a hard financial situation, I’ve already made a 8 day bootcamp that will help you out starting from ground zero to get your first $1K.


Click Here to Get Your Free Bootcamp


However, if you already have the basics, and if you have less than $500 at your disposal, to put them into practice, then you’re ready to begin this guide! Let’s get started!

Part 1: Get a $5K Website for less than $200!

Ok, first of all we need to get you set up for your business, we need your website done and fast! The first thing that comes into the mind is finding a name, now there are 3 rules of what an “amazing name” would be like.

  1. It must be no longer than 3 words
  2. It has to say what it is
  3. It has to have some rhythm

The golden example was Coca Cola, at the time the soda was called “cola” and it was made of cocaine (it wasn’t illegal back then) and then it has the rhythm. Matt Skelcher did something like that with 90 Seconds Explainer Videos, and there’s Ramit Sethi with “Earn $1K” and so on, but at the same time, there are companies who don’t care about the name and now are great, for example, Pepsi and Xerox, or even Vaynermedia, Vaynerchuk is an ugly name and hard to pronounce and yet he still made millions, you are responsible for making the name matter.

However this is important because you need to make a decision fast, since there are many people who are spying and having alerts on domain names. When you look for a domain, look with the intent to buy, and if you find that it’s free, BUY IT RIGHT THERE! You would not believe how many good domains we’ve lost just because the client was undecided, hell we even had to change VFX to a .net because one of the guys didn’t quite liked it and we looked for 5 minutes more, and when we came back, it was gone! Frame Freak Studio was born because Mundo (the animator) was undecided and we lost a couple of good names as well, so be decided to buy and as soon as you see it free, buy it right there!

The Hosting account that I use is BlueHost I think it’s the best for starting out, easy to use and damn good tech support, however DreamHost is a good option as well. You can buy the domain and hosting for less than $125 (for a year) and it will include the email system as well. Once you’ve bought it, it’s time to build your website.

Thankfully BlueHost has a one click install feature, and with it you can Install WordPress in less than 5 minutes there. Also I would highly recommend that you buy the X Theme if you’re starting out. Pretty much it’s the theme that this blog is using, and also the theme for Epic Web Studio, and now Frame Freak Studio.

The reason why I use it it’s because it’s already responsive, it has a nice support team, and also has a visual composer that will allow you to create complex sites by dragging and dropping. It also has more than 35 layouts already made for you, completely different designs that you can load in less than 5 minutes so you will only have to change the text and images and they have quite a video guide for every element you will be using, and it’s only $64. Although if you want to see more options then I would recommend you to and select in the menu: WordPres > Creative and in the column on the Left, select the Sales and Rating Options and Select the ones that are best sellers and have more than 4 stars to get the best options.

Creative WordPress Themes Templates ThemeForest

If you decide to use BlueHost and the X Theme then you will already have an amazing website for less than $200 and it will be an amazing one, and with a little bit of help you can get amazing funnels done with this. If you decide to go for these options then I have a video guide on creating your own amazing website in less than 15 Minutes (with emails included).

Click Here to Watch How to Build Your Website in Less than 15 Minutes


Ok, so your website is ready, however there are things to be done still, we need to set up your Email now, having an email like is much better than (not my actual email), it will make you look more professional and if you add your amazing website to your signature then they will trust you better, I truly recommend you set up one like or something general to post on your website, since if you make it public, spammers will find you and it will not be pretty. I just had to delete my because I was receiving like 50 spam emails per minute and it was screwing my server and Gmail account, so you have been warned. Also stick to text signatures, look for examples in the internet, many providers will completely block images, so don’t use images as signatures, they won’t be seen. Here’s mine for example:

Settings serfaksan Gmail


Now, usually you can access to your email accounts by using, but that’s pretty ugly and takes more time, I’ll show you how you can configure your email account using Gmail in less than 15 minutes, you can do this with 5 email accounts so everything will be centralized in one place, this is the way of the freedom business.

Click Here to Learn How to Configure your Business Email Account in less than 15 Minutes


Now you’re set. Almost, there are some extra things which are not that urgent, however it’s best to get it out of the way as soon as possible so you won’t have to do it later. First of all, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) “WTF is that?” many people ask, well, Google has some rules on how they rank their websites, and knowing them can help you a lot, to be honest if you’re living in a famous city, let’s say London or New York, chances are that many people there have a good SEO, and ranking on the first page on the search on Google can be really hard and would take a lot of time, but for example, there are many cities and even countries that have absolutely no SEO, they don’t know what that is! And in those cases, having your SEO in place can make you rank first in Google in the first week. In fact, Bobbe from SSM got many of his first sales through normal searches in Google because NOBODY in Sweden had any SEO and since he was the only one, he was getting clients without doing any effort at all. So if you don’t live in a very famous city you can get a lot done by just doing the SEO correctly, and I have the guide for you to do so.

Click Here to Configure Your SEO in Less than 15 Minutes

Also Check Our Guide to SEO for YouTube if you do YouTube Videos


Now, we have your site, email, SEO, and we need to add an amazing tool for your website, this won’t help you in the short term, but the sooner you do it the better, this is your Google Analytics account, with it you will be monitoring all the people that gets to your site, and done right it will be able to tell you exactly who they are and how they are finding you. In my SEO guide I showed how I tripled my organic visits by just improving the SEO of 6 of my posts, but I wouldn’t have been able to do so if I didn’t had the information that my Google Analytics gave me, however it is not so intuitive and it can get a little bit weird if you’re a first time user, don’t worry, once done I would recommend to forget about it for 1 year and after 1 year come back to see the information it has for you (unless you get massive traffic to your site in less than 1 year, then go there earlier). So here’s the guide on configuring your Google Analytics in less than 16 Minutes.

Click Here to Configure Your Google Analytics in Less than 15 Minutes


Ok, so there’s one more thing left to do, and this is to secure your website (and many of your accounts in the process), the bad thing about WordPress is that many people know how it works, and believe me you will get more attacks than you think, you are running a business now! You can’t be careless, you will have customer information to protect, and many valuable information, your usual methods won’t help you with this, I’ve been an IT guy for 5 years before going into business and even worked at one of the biggest newspapers in my country (my last job) and let me tell you that most people have horrible habits when it comes to security, and 90% of the times when you see some news saying that “somebody hacked something important” it’s to cover up for the mediocre security someone had, you won’t believe the amount of people who choose as password “123456” and then how many of the people choose “12345”, you’re in business now so you can’t be like that, you need to cover your back, and this is why I made this guide, just for this.

Click Here to Get The Paranoid’s Guide to Website Security

Part 2: Getting Leads Fast

Ok, now we’re done with your website, your online business is set so you can start getting sales, and there are many methods that you can use, in my free bootcamp we covered some of them and we even talked about some aggressive strategies in my interview with Scott Lee who made up to $10K without a website in the first 6 months, those are hardcore methods to get results fast, but take a lot of effort and time on your part, and there are easier ways to get clients, that will take less time for you, after all, we’re all about having some free time to relax. One of the best ways to get sales is through funnels. What is a funnel? You may ask, well it’s what online marketers call a technique for getting clients, the reason why they call it this way it’s because it looks somewhat like this:


As you can see you need to reach a lot of people, and some of them will be possible clients, but only some will become paying customers. However this is what internet is all about! In my interview with Till Boadella he showed us how he made up to $10K a day by just making meaningful connections, depth will always be more important than width and we covered that in my post about “numbers” and also how every “number” every person that reaches to your business matters and how 10 highly qualified people matter more than reaching 2 millions.

In my interview with Chris Bertilsson he showed us how the funnel system can help you out really fast, what he does is the following. He creates an amazing post teaching about a certain topic. (You can base yours on this format made by Derek Halpern) At the end he puts his call to action, a big ass purple box that stands out from the white calling the reader to subscribe to his email list to get a free guide on how to improve something in their business. After that he emails them 4 days later to see if they found use of the guide and he sets up a meeting, and then the rest is story.

Part 3: Reaching Your Target Market

But how can I get sales by blogging if my website is new and I don’t have any reader!? You might ask, and yes, for many blogging will be useless since they will only share it to their social networks waiting for someone to magically find hem, but that will never happen. Instead we skip all that and go directly to our possible clients, we message them through email or social messaging saying something like “hey I’m Rod, I like what you do in your business, I think this might be helpful to you” and paste the link (obviously you should write a more elegant message, but short nonetheless). There are many methods to get to our ideal clients, but Linked In gives us the best opportunities to do, and here’s a guide on how you can reach your potential clients through Linked In:

Click Here to Get The Guide on How to Contact Anyone on Linked In


This is a method Chis is using to get clients to Nettly which is already making more than $30K a month. So this works magically. There’s another method as well, which involves Facebook, and in our SEO guide we talked about how to format our posts for the Social Networks, and this is where this comes into place. Facebook has some strict rules, but they usually end up working better for you, Kimra Luna talked to us how she used Facebook Ads to build a million dollar business in 18 months, used correctly Facebook is the most powerful tool for sales and recently I talked about how we used less than $20 on Facebook to secure a $55K prize. Facebook is great if you know how to do it correctly and it has so many types of campaigns that it can get confusing. However I’ve made a guide for you on the best 2 methods to run Facebook Ads and how you can start using it to get exactly the people that you want to reach.

Click Here to Get the Guide on Facebook Ads the Right Way!


If you follow these steps you can have your online business done by the end of the day and start reaching the people You Want to Reach and possibly who knows, maybe get your first client at the end of the day. If you have found this useful or valuable please share it with your friends, probably this is the most important post I’ve ever done so far and it has combined all the hard work of the last 2 years in this! I hope this helps you!

Do You Want Me to Guide You On Creating Your Online Business?


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Facebook Ads the Right Way – Nov 2015 Mon, 30 Nov 2015 05:38:26 +0000 [Technical Series] Facebook Ads is the #1 selling platform in ...

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how we secured $55K with only $20 in the past, and today we’re going to show you how you can use it to grow your business.

Note: This Post is part of a post series on How To Build Your Online Business in 1 Day with Less than $500

If you use it right Facebook can be one of the best investments you’ll ever do, and you can start with as little as $1 per boost. Truly, $1 can do a huge difference, just look at our last boosted posts:





Reaching 2,521 people using $0.80 cents is a huge deal, its almost 4 people per cent! and it amazes me that many people still have hard feelings towards Facebook for charging on this however if you happen to be one of them, I’ll leave this video specially for you:


Some dude bought 8,000 horses before the car was invented…he lost!

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Thursday, November 5, 2015


In this Facebook Ads Guide you’ll learn:

■ Boost Your Posts the Easy Way

■ Boost Your Post the Right Way

■ Create Custom Audiences

■ Create Facebook Dark Posts

■ Using Facebook Pixels

Boosting Facebook Posts The Easy and the Right Way



Facebook Dark Posts – The Ultimate Way



If these information was useful for you or you know somebody who could benefit from this, please share it to your friends, it would mean the world to me.

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How to Setup Your WordPress Security Thu, 26 Nov 2015 00:24:29 +0000 In this post of the Technical Series, I’ll show you ...

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In this post of the Technical Series, I’ll show you how to set up your WordPress Security to avoid most of the attacks you will ever face in your life. WordPress is great, however, by being common many people know how to get inside your site, and if someone is able to do it, then he or she can do a lot of damage to it. That’s why I decided to do this post.

Note: This Post is part of a post series on How To Build Your Online Business in 1 Day with Less than $500

The Paranoid’s Guide to WordPress Security

Now, for 5 years I know many tips that doesn’t need any special technology or special background to make sure your site or anything that needs a login can stay secured from most of the attacks, many of these require just simple common sense, and when common sense, is combined with a little bit of paranoia and with the help of technology you can be more secure than 99.9% of the people out there.

You don’t believe me? There was this social network for cheaters called Ashley Madison and recently it got hacked and the hackers released all the information from their users to the internet, as you can imagine, many of these people faced a lot of problems, however, after the whole deal, they were able to analyze the data and find out that a LOT of their users were using simple passwords.  Imagine, that the majority of the users of this site were using the password “123456” and the second place? “12345”, hell, here’s the sample of the top 10.

The top 100 passwords on Ashley Madison Quartz

I don’t think that 123456 is a good password to protect the fact that you’re cheating on someone, but most people truly are careless, so believe me when I say that you can secure yourself a lot by the use of simple common sense. However if you’re looking for a more complete guide, this is the place to be.

In this WordPress Security Guide You’ll learn:

■ Installing WordPress Security Plugins against Malware and Virus on your WordPress Site
■ How to lockout people who wan’t to get into your WordPress Site
■ How to make sure nobody knows your user name
■ How to come up with complicated passwords without the need to remember them
■ How to use these principles in any online service you get in



If you found this post useful please make sure to share it with your friends, it would mean the world to me.

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How to Set Up Google Analytics in less than 16 Minutes Tue, 24 Nov 2015 17:15:59 +0000 Google Analytics is a very important tool, that can help ...

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Google Analytics is a very important tool, that can help you out on taking better decisions over the long time, even though you might be starting, it’s good to set up your account as soon as you open your site so you can start tracking everything that’s happening in it, after all, time will pass anyway, and in a year or 2 you’ll have at your disposal a lot of amazing information that you can use to your favor.

Note: This Post is part of a post series on How To Build Your Online Business in 1 Day with Less than $500

In the post about configuring SEO I showed how Google Analytics helped me out on knowing which keywords were the ones bringing me more traffic, and how improving the SEO on 6 posts that I already had, made a huge difference in Organic Traffic to my site. Today’s in our Technical Series I’ll show you how to configure your Google Analytics account in less than 16 minutes.

In this Google Analytics Guide you’ll learn:

■ Create your Google Analytics account
■ Link Your Website to your account
■ Validate your website
■ Create a Site Map
■ Set it up for Keywords search module

If you found this post helpful, it would mean the world to me if you share it with your friends.

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Kickstarting The Golden Apple w/ Dimitar Petrov & Elena Rapondzhieva Mon, 23 Nov 2015 04:15:37 +0000 Elena Rapondzhieva and Dimitar Petrov are trying to bring life ...

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Elena Rapondzhieva and Dimitar Petrov are trying to bring life an animated series called The Golden Apple. They have created an amazing team of artists from Bulgaria and their series is making noise through the world, they already have more than 27,400 followers and they want all the support they can get before initiating the Kickstarter campaign.

(Be sure to watch the video interview below!)

Click to view slideshow.

Having graduated in Communication and Media in the UK, Elena has worked as a producer and/or project manager for multiple companies and festivals such as the East Winds International Film Festival, Kinematograf LIVE, RCR Films Spain and Worldwide FX

The Golden Apple

A Message from Elena Rapondzhieva & Dimitar Petrov

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So let’s not wait any more and get to the interview:

Interview with Elena Rapondzhieva & Dimitar Petrov

(Click the play button to watch the video interview above)

Click here to watch in a new Tab:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Freedom Hustlers Show - Take Right Action

  • The Golden Apple’s Story
  • How to produce an amazing cartoon with no funds
  • Getting to Know your Project Worldwide
  • What to do in face of adversity
  • How to Succeed as an artist
  • How to use the internet to connect with everyone

Actionable Steps

  • You have to sit down at work and then inspiration will come
  • Treat it like a craft and practice every day
  • Measure yourself with the best in the world
  • Use the internet in your favor and always keep learning
  • Be Open to Feedback, Always Seek Feedback
  • Don’t listen to people who says it can’t be done


Resources Mentioned in this Interview

Did You Enjoy This Interview? Let Us Know On Twitter!

If you enjoyed this interview, please let Elena & Dimitar and I know on Twitter by clicking on the link below:

Click here to let us know you loved the show!

Now it’s Your Turn!

Got questions or any advice or thoughts you want to share about this interview or anything you learned that helped you on your way to freedom? What’s one thing you can take from Elena & Dimitar’s  journey? Please feel free to share in the comments section below!

Thanks so much for watching the interview with Elena Rapondzhieva & Dimitar Petrov, I truly aprreciate YOU!



Support Our Project!

This interview is part of the new series of interviews to learn and create our animation project Tempus Trip


Here’s a short video on the process that has taken to do Tempus Trip so far, we’re at 50% of the way and doing our best…

Posted by Frame Freak Studio on Friday, November 13, 2015

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How to Get More Views & Subscribers in YouTube Using SEO Tue, 17 Nov 2015 20:53:51 +0000 Today’s in our Technical Series I’ll show you how to ...

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Today’s in our Technical Series I’ll show you how to get more views & subscribers in your YouTube Videos by using their metrics and some powerful SEO strategies. Many people just try to upload the videos they do in YouTube and try to win an audience like that, and it’s OK, because at the end what matters is the quality of what you do, specially in that platform, but if you’re doing great videos, then these strategies can help you out even more.

Note: This Post is part of a post series on How To Build Your Online Business in 1 Day with Less than $500

Small tweaks to the information in your YouTube video can create a huge impact, however, these will not help much if your video is not good enough, you still need to create quality videos that entertain the people who are watching, if they leave in the first 3 to 10 seconds of the video, nothing will help you.

In this post you’ll learn:

■ The Most Important Metrics in YouTube
■ Finding What People are Looking For
■ Optimize Your Videos to Appear as the First Options



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