How to Get More Views & Subscribers in YouTube Using SEO

How to Get More Views & Subscribers in YouTube Using SEO

Today’s in our Technical Series I’ll show you how to get more views & subscribers in your YouTube Videos by using their metrics and some powerful SEO strategies. Many people just try to upload the videos they do in YouTube and try to win an audience like that, and it’s OK, because at the end what matters is the quality of what you do, specially in that platform, but if you’re doing great videos, then these strategies can help you out even more.

Note: This Post is part of a post series on How To Build Your Online Business in 1 Day with Less than $500

Small tweaks to the information in your YouTube video can create a huge impact, however, these will not help much if your video is not good enough, you still need to create quality videos that entertain the people who are watching, if they leave in the first 3 to 10 seconds of the video, nothing will help you.

In this post you’ll learn:

■ The Most Important Metrics in YouTube
■ Finding What People are Looking For
■ Optimize Your Videos to Appear as the First Options



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