Entrepreneurship, Fitness & Traveling w/ Robert Neckelius

Entrepreneurship, Fitness & Traveling w/ Robert Neckelius

In this episode of Freedom Hustlers Show I’m really happy to welcome one of the most versatile entrepreneurs with many projects under his belt, from an Executive Instructor from the Secret Society Mastermind and coming from Freedom Studios Sweeden, Robert Neckelius (Bobbe).

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Traveling the world, creating a viral video, getting ripped, make thousands of dollars, become a Hugo Boss model, Robert has done it all. This guy started with a simple website business, which evolved it to a video business, which was making sales while he was traveling the world and living plenty of adventures in America, and now he’s come back to getting himself ripped, and showing others how to do it.

Robert is the founder of:

And also became my personal trainer teaching me about fitness and how I can lose massive sizes and weight while still enjoying myself, he will talk to us about setting the solid foundation for a freedom life, getting to know yourself better, leading a healthy life, his adventures while traveling.

He had a video of one of his adventures / misadventures going viral which made him to be featured in CNN and got him an opportunity to become a Hugo Boss model:

He also has been traveling and filming his trips through the world with his best friend Mick, (more on their Youtube Channel Mick & Bobbe) and sharing them to inspire people:



Interview with Robert Neckelius (Bobbe)

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Freedom Hustlers Show - Take Right Action

  • Bobbe’s story and how he got started in the entrepreneurial path
  • How he created a Viral Video and the opportunities that came with it
  • How to connect your passion and business
  • How to start a solid foundation to make amazing things happen
  • How to get ripped
  • How to discover your WHY
  • Some amazing stories of his trips

Actionable Steps

  • Sit down for a while and write your perfect normal day
  • Pay a GYM you’re not gonna do exercise on your home
  • Sit down and discover why you want it
  • Focus on choosing 1 model of life and work towards it


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