Scott Lee is the Founder of The Unspoken Pitch, he has built a career around informing, innovating, and presenting complex data with clarity; connecting customers with brands through visual storytelling. Taking the complex or boring and turning it into a visual format which communicates your message quickly.

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Scott earned a degree in Architecture from the University of Technology in Sydney, after which he worked within the industry doubling down on the nuances behind the consumer psychology, communication, sales, and marketing. Entering the business environment from an Architecture & Design background, it was clear that industry trade shows were filled with revolutionary ideas that fell short due to lackluster presentation.

Scott discovered a consistent gap between great ideas and delivering them to an audience. In less than a decade, Scott has proven that effective and engaging visual multimedia storytelling can close the deal faster than you thought possible by helping brands communicate their message to their target marketing effectively.

Having partnered with high profile clients including McDonald’s, Ramsay, Veeva, and others, Scott’s initiative and love for design has lead to marketing assets generating millions of dollars in sales.

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Interview with Scott Lee:

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