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Secret Society Mastermind 2016

It’s here! The Secret Society Mastermind 2016 will open on November 2, and every time that happens there’s a lot of people who reach to me asking me about this program, which doesn’t bother me at all, but also I find these posts a more effective way to answer many of those questions, also I like to do these posts because they end up becoming a summary of the things we’ve achieved through the year. 

Let’s start with the previous posts I’ve made about the Secret Society Mastermind, that way you’ll get a better sense of the evolution of the program and the evolution of my path through the years:

I joined the Secret Society Mastermind back in April 2012 and quit my job on August 15th on 2013, it’s been more than 3 years now that I’m living a freedom lifestyle, however the path has not been easy, as you know my country is not the best for doing these kind of businesses, however the path has been worth it and we’ve achieved a LOT in this year, 2016 has been a damn awesome year! And many of those opportunities came from the guys in the Secret Society Mastermind.


FAQ About the Secret Society Mastermind

I’ve been known in the Secret Society Mastermind and for the people following the blog because of my story, and there’s always people adding me on Facebook just to ask me questions about the Secret Society Mastermind. So, 4 years after joining I got some knowledge in what’s the most common doubts that people have about this.

1.- Is the Secret Society Mastermind really worth it?

SSM has gotten pretty expensive for most people, so it’s obviously that this question comes into mind, is it truly worth it paying all that money to join a program? And the answer would be: “it depends”, because, as crazy as it sounds, there’s a LOT, and I mean a DAMN LOT of people who join, people who pay all that money to do absolutely nothing with it, hell, there’s people who pay all that money so they can download the course and put it on pirate sites, and they ALWAYS get caught, it truly blows my mind, every damn year there’s a good number of people who join to do nothing at all with this… So if you’re one of those guys, if you’re one of those guys who get completely terrified at the idea of contacting business owners and people to pitch them your product or service to get a sale, then don’t join, because that’s exactly what you have to do.

That is the core of SSM, you get an idea, then you VALIDATE that idea by getting sales! And if you don’t get sales then your idea doesn’t work, and you have to change it. In Tim’s words “If stuffed penguins are selling, then YOU are selling stuffed penguins!”, this isn’t a “follow your dreams” or “the universe will give you what you want” kind of program, this thing is HUSTLE! this is real businesses, this is finding out what people want or need and selling that! You don’t know how to do it? that’s why you HIRE people who know how to do it to do it for you, automate and get free time! You think I know how to animate? Hell, I can’t even use Premiere to create better video editions! I barely can use Camtasia and yet I’m the Co-Founder of an Animation Business.

I paid $2K when I joined SSM in 2012, last year the price was around $6K which alarmed many people, but over the last 3 years we’ve made more than $115,000 and right now we have a client paying $6K a month for animations, There’s many guys making around $6K to $30K+ per month. So if you’re trying to compare the price of SSM to what you can achieve, that depends entirely of you. Are you one of those “zen guys” who want to do a blog and make people give you money by growing an audience little by little and thinking that the “universe” will give you what you want, or those guys who think that choosing a business idea that “you don’t love” is selling your soul, or that money is the reason of all evil, and things like that, then yeah, SSM is not for you.

Are you a practical guy, who will go forward with the idea of contacting business owners, who will pursue a business that can actually give you money in 2-3 months where you can hire people to do everything for you while you go on your life doing what you want, then you’ll like it here. Also the high price will put higher psychological pressure on you to actually get damn good results!

2.- Is it a Scam?

No is not, in fact, after you pay you will have a period of 6 weeks money back guarantee and I have seen people asking for it and receive it in the same day. The name is just good marketing as Ramit’s book “I will Teach you to be Rich” or Tim Ferriss’s “The 4 Hour Work Week”, sure, they sound like scam, but it’s only to grab the attention of the people, but if you have been into entrepreneurship for a while you know that Ramit Sethi delivers amazing knowledge and Tim Ferriss is one damn genius.

I get it, paying a lot of money on the internet to some guy you have never met to teach you how to do a “Freedom Business” that will allow you to make money on the internet sounds like a scam, and even though I knew Tim since the days of Real Social Dynamics and I knew that he was the real deal, I spent the last 3 days before the opening not being able to sleep because of the fear and excitement about joining. You probably are reading this from a first world country, imagine me, in a third world country, with a salary of $600 per month, about to pay half a year of work with debt money. Not the best scenario.

It was the scariest decision in my whole life, but it was the best decision I’ve ever met in my life, but also, I was a good fit for the program. I’ve been in many programs, in many entrepreneurship groups, there’s always some guy angry yelling that it’s a scam because he wasn’t able to win the first time, or even more ridiculous, because he didn’t made a million dollars in one week or 2, again, the name of this game is HUSTLE! is creating real businesses, which by today’s standards, is easier than ever before, but emotionally and mentally speaking is hard.

It’s emotionally hard to contact a business owner and give a damn good pitch to get a sale when you’ve never done it before, it takes mental energy when they say no because they saw the nervousness in you. To be honest, over the last years I’ve seen that most people are mentally and emotionally weak and lazy, they want to feel good NOW, some have a huge phobia about feeling negative emotions or thoughts, and this is a path which will be paved on negative emotions and thoughts, hell, everybody who has a successful business will tell you that the first 1 to 3 years will be a complete hellish nightmare, this is where you’ll commit most mistakes, this is where you’ll lose many times, and some people can’t handle that and they lash out about the program being a scam, I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE.

The truth is that some people will have some advantages over the others, some people have better connections, live in better location, have better social skills, etc. For me my unfair advantage was living through some hellish shit which allowed me not to care about many loses on my path, because I knew this was the price to pay, and I was willing to pay it, to go through with it, and it has paid off. So yeah, this is NOT a scam.

3.- Is this a Multi-Level Marketing Stuff (Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme)

Hell no, I hate those things, think of this as you paying some guys who know how to do something to teach you how to do it in the fastest and most efficient way to do it. Helping you avoid a lot of problems, mistakes and obstacles that many people would have made. And NO, I’m not being paid for creating this post. As said before, the idea of SSM is creating a business where you can sell products and services to people who want them, your business is your own, and you don’t have to keep paying anybody, whatever you win is yours.

4.- Have businesses failed in SSM?

Yes, there have been many ideas that failed but when that happened, people just build another idea that works and that’s it. I created 4 ideas before Epic Web Studio, and even ended up closing that one to focus on Frame Freak Studio, the reason why was that it’s because I saw much more potential in the animation studio. However the truth remains that that means that Epic Web Studio doesn’t exists now and can be considered a failure. And that has been true for many people as well.

The truth is that entrepreneurship is hard, and your success or failure depends a lot on what you do or don’t do. For example, many people have skipped the validation part in SSM, when everybody told them not to do so. Why? Because they were scared to talk to the ideal customers to find out what they needed, they just created a business without validating it just to find that nobody wanted to buy, or even worse, not knowing who their ideal client was.

Life Now

I think it would be too redundant to talk about how I joined and my journey through the years in SSM, you can read all about that in the first 2 posts which I linked at the beginning of this post. So I’ll review what has happened since I wrote them.

We’ve contacted and interviewed many more people for Frame Freak Studio, here are some examples:

  • Robert Kondo – Co-Founder of Tonko House, Oscar nominated for The Dam Keeper and Art Director in Toy Story 3, Ratattouile and more.
  • Tomm Moore – Co-Founder of Cartoon Saloon, 16 times Oscar nominated and Oscar Winner, creator of The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.
  • Brenda Chapman – Creator and Director of Brave, and worked in The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, the Prince of Egypt and more.
  • Mark Osborne – Director of The Little Prince, Kung Fu Panda and More.
  • Click here to watch all the interviews.

Smith Micro, the company that created Moho (Anime Studio) the software we use to create some animations contacted us and gave us 5 licenses of their newest software for free, we’re also going to be doing some webinars with them in the near future.

I wasn’t able to go to the Las Vegas event from SSM, I wasn’t able to get the US Visa fast enough, but we got it like 6 weeks later, and we got the 10 years travel / business visa, and we’ll be using it this November 14th to go to CTNX (Creative Talent Network Expo) on Burbank, where we’ll meet many of the people we have interviewed in person and we got the VIP pass where we’ll get many exclusive deals.

Thanks to Bobbe in SSM we were able to find a program called Atlas with that we were able to register our business in Delaware, making it possible for us, after many years, to finally being able to use many payment methods that were locked for our country. And now we are working for a great client in the US, however I can’t show you yet what we’ve been doing with them.

We’ve also learned a lot from the online press world and we’ve been featured in some local and international media pages, some big, some small, however this has been a great start for getting some attention to us.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign, however many things went wrong, so I don’t think we’ll reach our goal, if things don’t change in the next days we’re going to cancel it and relaunch on Indiegogo in the next months with the help of some guys who weren’t able to help us this time.

Right now I’m just finishing some things because after the CTNX event, I’m moving to Europe, everything is set already, so after many years, I’m finally reached this milestone, and I’m very positive that many things will start going much better when I’m there.

With this I hope you will have a much better idea of what to expect from SSM if you decide to join.

And remember, people from third world countries are doing this and having a damn good time with it, if you’re in a first or second world country, you don’t have ANY excuse. I will be answering any questions that you might have for SSM. You can contact me using this form.

Other Members in SSM

During the last year I started a podcast interviewing many amazing people, many of them are SSM members, if you want to know more about their experience I’ll leave the interviews below so you can watch them. Each one last between 30-45 min so take it slowly.