So, when I started entrepreneurship I was really damn scared, of reaching a client, of offering something, I spent 3 months improving my website to impress my first clients, and when I finally got my first 3 clients, they never even saw my website. After that lesson I decided that I would always make my business ideas pay for themselves, and I have done so since then.

Something that I see with many people who are starting business is that they start asking if the “marketing method” is good, if it’s safe, who has results, all that.

But they’re not really asking for the answers, but because they are afraid of selling, which, let’s be honest I was too.

So, what can we learn from Weight Lifting?

In weight lifting there’s a training method called “Stronglifts 5×5”. It’s made to become strong FAST! It consists in doing only 3 exercises, for each one you have to put the weight you can lift the most, where you use ALL your strenght. And Then you gotta do 5 sets of 5 repetitions each.

So if you’re using the MOST weight you can lift, this thing is gonna look something like this:


And it’s gonna stay something similar for that for some time. And the moment you can do all 5 repetitions in all 5 sets, next day you’ll add 10 pounds more. And do all over again until you get to do the 5 reps in the 5 sets and the next day you add 10 pounds more and so on. The idea is to ALWAYS lift at your damn limit. So how can we use this to sales?

Ok, let’s say you’re damn scared of selling, absolutely scared!

Then create an offer that’s about $97. Sell that until you feel comfortable and the moment you feel that way, make it $147, then $297, then $397, then $497.

If you keep consistent at it you can increase your prices really fast, get clients really fast and the best of all, with so many sales and interactions with your customers you’ll know better what they are looking for, their objections, fears, problems, etc.

The more of that you can integrate in your copy writing, the better your offer will be, the easier you’ll sell.

So start at a price you’re a bit scary to ask, and then put in the work. In a year you’ll be a whole different monster, and your offer will be much different as well.

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