Making Meaningful Connections w/ Till Boadella

Making Meaningful Connections w/ Till Boadella

In this episode of Freedom Hustlers Show I’m really happy to welcome Till Boadella, an amazing guy I met at Bulgaria through SSM, he talks about how creating meaningful connections is the best way to marketing, how to beat introversion and how to really get big sales coming at your business.

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Till started really young at his 19 years old, he ventured into his first businesses, had a couple of failures but after that he started his own music business selling beats, after that he got into marketing and creating an amazing community to sell music online and then he has been focused on teaching other people the marketing methods he learned in his own Mastermind.

Till is the founder of:

He has traveled the world, helped many persons on being great at marketing online, created a free mastermind and a paid mastermind, and now he’s doing his first live event in Morocco. 

Here’s a video showing us his office:

Interview with Till Boadella

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Freedom Hustlers Show - Take Right Action

  • Till’s story and how he got started in the entrepreneurial path
  • How he started a music business
  • How he learned about marketing
  • How to create amazing and meaningful relationships with the customers
  • About the Till’s Marketing Mastermind
  • How he overcame being an introverted person and how it can benefit you
  • How to take control of the productivity in your life.
  • Some amazing and funny stories of our experiences

Actionable Steps

  • Join Till’s Free Mastermind
  • Get 3 clients and focus on creating a great experience
  • Download Till’s Success Journal to get awareness on what you’re doing in the day.

“One powerful connection is more valuable than 50,000 random followers”

Resources Mentioned in this Interview

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